Become a Supporting Organisation

If your organisation is interested in becoming an Eye Health Aotearoa Supporting Organisation then please get in touch using the form below. 

Eye Health Aotearoa trustees, supporters and MPs pose next to EHA banner at NZ parliament


Note: please ensure you have read the following Statement of Support and Commitment carefully.

Statement of Support and Commitment

We support Eye Health Aotearoa’s call to ensure there are accessible, comprehensive, and equitable eye health care services for all New Zealanders.

We call on all the Parliamentary Parties to make eye health care count in their policies.

Together, we can advocate for more investment in eye health awareness, education, prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation so that New Zealanders can take care of their eyes at every stage of life.

We support Eye Health Aotearoa’s overarching goal to eliminate avoidable blindness and vision loss, as well as ensure people living with unavoidable blindness and vision impairment are supported to live the life they choose.

In the field below tell us a little about your organisation. Please include the following:

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  • Why you support Eye Health Aotearoa