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To raise awareness of the importance of eye health, the international Love Your Eyes campaign is aiming to have one million people around the world pledge to either have an eye test or care for their eyes between 15 September and 14 October 2021. For this campaign an eye test includes all vision tests and eye health tests, whether they use specific equipment or not, while caring for your eyes can be as simple as wearing the correct safety equipment for your eyes or to have regular eye health check-ups.

In New Zealand, Eye Health Aotearoa is supporting the Love Your Eyes campaign and we are asking for your help.  Please pledge to look after your eye health, or if you are an eye health professional, commit to conduct a number of eye tests during this time.  Help us raise eye health awareness.  Let’s tell everyone why it is important to #LoveYourEyes and why EVERYONE COUNTS.

With the impact of lockdown it may not be possible to complete your pledge during the actual campaign, we just ask that you will ensure that you undertake your chosen pledge when you are able or it is appropriate.

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NZ Pledge Counter: 95

Commit to Love Your Eyes by pledging to look after your eye health, below.

If you would like help locating an eye health specialist, you will be directed to further help and information once you have pledged.

Information about our World Sight Day celebration event at Lands End, Bluff on 14 October, and how you can be involved, will soon be announced. This will be the campaign’s southernmost eyesight-testing site in the world.

Learn more about the international World Sight Day 2021 and How To Love Your Eyes.

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Yes! I pledge to look after my eye health for World Sight Day, Thursday 14 October 2021: