Convene National Policy Dialogues

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Educate the Public about the Importance of Taking Care of their Eyes

Every New Zealander needs to recognise the importance of protecting themselves against eye injury and disease, and then to know how to take care of their eyes at all stages of life. The New Zealand Association of Optometrists recommends a comprehensive eye examination every two to three years or sooner if you suspect something is wrong. But currently, not all New Zealanders regularly have eye examinations, mainly because they are unaware of the important role they play in maintaining eye health. Some of the major eye conditions that cause, vision loss do not display any symptoms in their early stages. If more New Zealanders were aware of the need for regular eye examinations, we would be able to catch eye conditions earlier and help people get the treatment they need.

Intervention 2

Convene a series of National Policy Dialogues to:

  • Develop a national strategic eye health integration plan
  • Agree a timeline and process for developing a national eye health strategy
  • Use a stakeholder map to identify roles, resources and responsibilities Report on the Eye Care Situation Analysis Tool (ECSAT) findings

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