Timely Access to Comprehensive Services


When people experience vision loss, they should have timely and rapid access to rehabilitation and low vision services to help them learn to live with vision loss.

Trained professionals deliver essential support services. Counselling supports people to come to terms with vision loss. Services like adaptive daily living training enable people to continue living independently. Habilitation teaches children to live with vision impairment at each stage of life. We know that currently many people experience a deteriorating quality of life because they do not access comprehensive vision rehabilitation services. Currently there are not enough trained professionals to deliver these services. Investing in rapid access to comprehensive vision rehabilitation could provide social returns on investment as high as $3 for every $1 invested.

Intervention 7

Ensure rapid access to comprehensive vision rehabilitation, habilitation and low vision services. You cannot learn the new skills to live an independent life with vision loss in a few weeks. An additional injection of about $10 million is needed to deliver core vision rehabilitation to those who currently qualify but do not access core vision rehabilitation services. This funding needs to be complemented by strategies to grow the specialist workforce required to deliver these services.

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