Early Support for People Diagnosed with Eye Conditions or Vision Loss

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Early support at the time of vision loss is essential if people are to maintain their confidence and independence.

People with newly diagnosed eye conditions should be told what support and services are available.

For example – Glasses Loan Payment Scheme

Someone on a low income or benefit may not know about Work and Income’s glasses loan that helps with the cost of eye examinations and glasses. We know that currently people are falling through the gaps, and managing a deteriorating quality of life, before they access the right support and services. Systems for providing all people diagnosed with a vision threatening condition should be put in place to enable a rapid assessment of the needs of the individual, immediate advice and onward referral to appropriate health, social care, and consumer group support services.

Intervention 6

Provide early support for people diagnosed with eye conditions or vision loss. This service should be available to every eye clinic and optometry practice, allowing people to start to rebuild their lives following the devastating news that they are losing their sight.

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  • David Cullen
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