Access to Quality Treatment

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Timely access to eye health treatments prevents or slows down vision loss

If people access the right treatment at the right time, they can either have more time to adapt to vision loss, or carry on with their lives. But each year, more people are going blind and losing their vision due to lags in accessing treatments. Eye health professionals care about providing the best eye health for New Zealanders, yet system level issues mean there is an overwhelming demand for these services. This could be resolved by working with eye health professionals to decide where to target extra funding, where it can improve systems and support the professionals to deliver timely eye health services.

Intervention 5

Provide timely access to quality treatment services to prevent or slow down vision loss. Working with eye health professionals to inject funding and resources into the right treatments will remove existing backlogs, ensure timely access to treatments, and decrease avoidable vision loss in New Zealand.

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  • David Cullen
    published this page in The Plan 2020-05-29 14:53:25 +1200