World Sight Day 2023 Celebrations

This year we celebrated World Sight Day in collaboration with Macular Degeneration New Zealand and Blind Low Vision NZ. The event was hosted at Blind Low Vision NZ’s new premises in Parnell, Auckland, on Tuesday 24 October 2023. The theme was ‘Love Your Eyes in the Workplace’ and the objective was to raise awareness of how to take care of eye health at all stages of life, and to specifically highlight Macular Degeneration profile and education.

World Sight Day 2023 logo with Braille

“It was a privilege to be invited to the recent World Sight Day event at the Blind Low Vision NZ Building in Parnell on the 24th of October. Macular Degeneration New Zealand has a strong to commitment to collaborating with Eye Health Aotearoa and Blind Low Vision NZ and it was wonderful to strengthen and foster these important relationships. Our organisations are all passionate about raising awareness around preventable blindness whilst also supporting those who live with low vision. This was a very positive and successful event!” Sarah Berman, Macular Degeneration New Zealand.

Two women standing. One covering her eye while conducting an eye test

Eye Health Aotearoa’s priority is to advocate for the appointment of a Clinical Director of Eye Health and National Eye Health and Vision Loss Prevention Leadership Group within Manatū Hauora.

Two women standing beside Eye Health Aotearoa and Macular Degeneration pull-up banners

Eye Health Aotearoa also wants to remedy the lack of Aotearoa-New-Zealand-specific eye health data with a National Eye Health Survey (NEHS). This would significantly improve eye healthcare delivery and resource prioritisation.

Macular Degeneration resource materials and display

Eye Health Aotearoa aims to raise public awareness of eye health and the importance of regular eye examinations for early detection of eye conditions thus preventing avoidable blindness and low vision.

Women covers one eye while doing a Macular Degeneration eyesight test

Love Your Eyes in the Workplace

Two women and a man in discussion surrounded by Love Your Eyes and Macular Degeneration displays.